Dental Implant Cost Kuala Lumpur

Dental Implant Costs in Kuala Lumpur | Overview

The table below shows the general range of dental procedures including dental implants in various public, private hospitals and private clinics in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The costs do vary depending on the overall complexity of the dental procedure, as assessed by your dental specialist. Do note that these costs are only indicative and prices do vary from place to place, depending on various factors discussed further down this article.

Type of establishment Price range per implant
Overall (Complex and non-complex cases) RM 5500 onwards
Overall (Non-complex cases) RM 2500 onwards
Public hospitals (For only the implant surgery) RM 500 onwards
Public hospitals (For the dental implant with a crown) RM 7500 onwards
Private clinics RM 4500 onwards

Cost of Dental Implant Treatment in Kuala Lumpur | Contributory Factors

There are various factors that make up to the total cost you’d expect to incur for undergoing dental implant treatment in the year 2021 in Kuala Lumpur, they range from the following factors:

  • Your general oral health
  • Your medical history
  • Underlying health conditions (if any)
  • Dental phobias or fear
  • The experience of the dental surgeon selected
  • The brand of the dental implant used
  • The quality of the dental implant used
  • The type of dental lab used to craft implant materials
  • The number of additional procedures needed (i.e. bone grafting etc.)

If your general oral health is up to standard, the procedure for a dental implant surgery should be fairly uncomplicated and straight-forward. In general, the fewer dental issues you have, the lower the overall cost you can expect to incur for your dental implant procedure. However, if you’ve suffered bone and gum previously due to loss or missing a single tooth, periodontal diseases, or other factors, then in order to ensure the successful outcome of your dental implant treatment, you’d need to undergo a more complex treatment accordingly to ensure that your transplant continues to remain viable throughout your life.

A detailed breakdown of Dental Implant costs in Kuala Lumpur

Type of procedure Price range per implant
General consultation and dental examination (Low end) RM 150 to RM 300
General consultation and dental examination (High end) RM 200 to RM 450
Dental panoramic and periapical X-ray RM 150 onwards
3D CT bone scan RM 300 onwards
Dental study model or intra-oral scan RM 350 onwards
Surgical guides and computer-guided surgical planning As required
Bone grafting and customized meshes or membranes Starts from RM 1000
Sinus lifting Starts from RM 1000
Local anaesthesia As required
Medication As required
Post-surgery review and review X-rays As required