WHAT are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are commonly used in supporting tooth loss. Lack of proper oral hygiene, tartar and plaque buildup, gum diseases and tooth decay are common causes that makes implants a necessity. An artificial tooth root is placed in the jawbone which helps create a concrete foundation for a replacement tooth. Dental implants are undoubtedly the best and permanent solution for tooth loss as it not only replaces the tooth, but also the roots. 

When a tooth is lost and if it is not replaced, a domino effect of changes sets in. One shift leads to another and this continues. This will eventually change the entire teeth and mouth dynamics. Shift in bite patterns can result in dental occlusion (the sequential arrangement and structure of teeth). This if left unattended can lead to other health problems apart from oral related issues. 

Why are Dental Implants Necessary

WHY Dental Implants are Necessary?

It is important to understand why we need dental implants. There are numerous aesthetic benefits for dental implants. They have crucial roles in the overall functioning of the mouth. They support biting and chewing functions, enhance jawbone health and prevent bone deterioration. 

Jawbone may deteriorate when a lost tooth is not attended to. Pressure initiated by the process of chewing is what preserves the jawbone. The stimulus is essential for a healthy jawbone. 

From visual perspectives too, implants are deemed necessary. The ‘feel good’ quotient is high when you have confidence in your looks and feels. With an implant you are better off. You can smile or laugh normally, chew and bite all your favorite foods, increase your self esteem and above all maintain adequate oral hygiene. It may sound simple, but the difficulties that a lost tooth can create is intense. 

Let us take a look at some of the common reasons that point out the necessity of dental implants.

  • Jawbone Protection: Teeth are deep rooted in the jawbone. Jaws are stimulated when teeth are involved in chewing and biting processes. This stimulation is reduced or lost completely when a tooth is lost. Since there is hardly any movement for these muscles, it eventually dies. This is also the case with jawbones when being idle for a long time resulting in other serious consequences to one’s health. 
  • Movement Prevention: A missing tooth can have adverse effects on the movement of other teeth. When there is a tooth being lost for some time, the surrounding teeth tends to grow to that area to fill the gap. This results in bigger spaces between teeth where plaque can harbour. It will be difficult to clean such areas. It can also cause gum related issues leading to pain and discomfort.
Why are Dental Implants Necessary?

Appearance Preservation: It might sound easy to have one or two teeth being lost for quite some time. Whereas in reality, this is not the case. Lost tooth results in a sunken facial appearance as the jawbone is no more triggered to stay active and in shape. One common issue faced is the elderly appearance. To stay young, look healthy and fit, it is necessary to use dental implants at the right time.

WHEN Dental Implants are Necessary?

It is important to understand the various situations that might trigger the need for implants before seeking professional dental consultation. When you have missing teeth where dentures, crowns or bridges are not the best option, then implants can be the saviour. Whatever may be the option, it is important to replace missing teeth as the void can result in severe consequences. The decision is right for you in the below situations:

  • If you have one or more missing teeth
  • If you intend to improve your speech
  • If you don’t like or unable to wear dentures
  • If you have healthy oral tissues
  • If your jawbone has reached full growth
  • If you don’t use tobacco 

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have numerous benefits. They can function in the way that your natural tooth would. They look and feel like real natural teeth, increasing your self esteem and confidence. Implants are convenient, durable and provide overall support to your oral health. They help support speech and functions such as chewing and biting. 

Dental implants are placed in jawbones using surgical procedures. They serve as roots for the missing teeth. Titanium is used in the making of implants which fuses well with the jawbone. As such, there won’t be any issues of slipping, bone damage or noise. In the case of fixed bridgework or dentures, this may not always be the case. 

The best part is that when compared with other options such as dentures, implants don’t need to be removed while brushing, eating, drinking and flossing. Make a visit to your dentist, if you find implants to be the appropriate solution. Professional advice is good, especially in terms of developing the right customized treatment plan

Why are Dental Implants Necessary?

Risks of Implant Surgery 

It is also ideal to know the possibility of minimal risks involved in dental implant surgery like in the case of any other surgery. Some potential risk elements are as follows:

  • There is a possibility of infection at the site of implant, post surgery
  • Injury or damage can happen to the surrounding areas such as blood vessels or other teeth
  • Nerve damage may occur, causing pain, numbness or tingling in the chin, teeth, lips or gums. 
  • Possibilities of Sinus in case the upper jaw dental implants protrude to any sinus cavity.


If you are planning to get dental implants in Kuala Lumpur, contact our dentists. Our team is dedicated to ensuring quality services. Understand the need for customized implants and know how they can be of permanent help to you. Seek professional help with KL Dental Implant Clinic to check whether it is necessary for your condition. Our dental team assists in developing personalized treatment plans. Get in touch with us for a detailed analysis.