When Do You Need Dental Implants?

According to a study done by the American College of Prosthodontists, nearly 23 million people are edentulous-completely lacking teeth! Now, that’s not just a mere cosmetic issue. Dental implants are the sure shot relief here. They have the highest success rates compared to any other dental solutions and can be your companion for a lifetime with proper care and hygiene. This article will brief you on dental implants and guide through five common indicators that trigger a timely dental implant.

When Do You Need Dental Implant

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are surgical fixtures that are placed to jawbones and later allowed to fuse together with the bone. Over a period of a few months, this replaces the functions of the root of a missing tooth. This implant then serves to hold a replacement or a missing tooth.

There are different types of dental implants available these days namely- Crowns, Titanium Abutments, and Implant Fixtures. There are various causes that can lead to situations where dental implant is the only solution for oral health. As the popular saying- ‘prevention is better than cure’, it is advisable to figure out the signs that can alert you for a timely decision. Dental Implant KL Clinic, discusses 5 common signs where a dental implant can be the right choice.

Missing or Chipped Teeth

If you have missing teeth or if you have chipping issues on your teeth, then it is time for a self check. You may have difficulty chewing food, drinking and talking. Not only that, prolonged conditions might result in recurring headaches and potential infections.

Severe crack can be a critical condition especially when the crack is below the gingival line. This may eventually result in damaged pulp and infection. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants is the best and long lasting solution. This way, you get to eat, talk and drink normally like before.

Improper Denture Fitting

This is a very common issue when dentures get old or malfunction. At times dentures can cause discomfort from improper fitting. This can cause pain and eventually kills the purpose.

Dental implants are comparatively better as they function just like natural teeth. As implants are highly customized, there is no room for size issues. It is better to update your dentures to modern implants- saves your time, money and overall gives you the right comfort!

Dental Implant Anatomy

Signs of Infection

There are numerous reasons one might get infections. It usually happens from injuries or due to periodontal diseases. Whatever the cause may be, infections can be largely troublesome.

The pain caused by infections vary depending on the scale of damage it has caused to teeth. In conditions where the integrity of your teeth is compromised or when the damage is irreversible, dental implants are saviours. They protect you from the risk of further infections.

An unattended oral infection can also have other serious health issues. KL Dental Implant Clinic throws light on the importance of having dental consultation for an in-depth understanding of implant benefits.

Deteriorating Jawbone

When an adult tooth is removed and not replaced, the jawbone deteriorates gradually. Roots of teeth are embedded directly into the jawbone and hence it provides constant stimulation. When it is lost, the result is resorption of the jawbone.

In most cases missing teeth deteriorates jaw bone. Dental implants not only fills the voids but also replaces overall tooth structure. Jaw bone recession can be stopped with implants as they are directly placed into the bone.

If implants are not done in time, there is a risk of additional tooth loss. This can take you through a lot of hiccups in your dental care. With the implant, jaw bones are stabilized over time, which stops any related issues from popping up.

Face is Sinking In!

If your face has a caved in appearance, then it might be the right time you identify the need for an implant. This is yet again another scenario from a long time missing tooth.

Bone loss results from prolonged missing teeth. Sunken face skin is common in people who wear dentures. Dentures do not promote bone growth whereas implants do. On the contrary, dentures accelerate bone recession.

Get your jaw checked by your dentist if you have sinked in facial appearance for quite some time. Dental implants come with a natural lift which makes your face look younger and helps regain all functions.

Dental implant care

Know the Benefits of Dental Implant

Now that you are aware of the signs, it is good to know the benefits at a glance. Look out for common dental implant FAQs to start with.

Implant procedures can make you nervous, but the far reaching benefits outweigh the risk and efforts. Let’s take a look at some of the immediate benefits that dental implants can provide:

• Restoration and preservation of facial structure
• Stops bone loss progression and gum recession
• Helps keep the remaining teeth intact and in place
• Avoid any discomfort and pain caused during chewing and speaking
• The only long term solution for your missing teeth!

Procedures by KL Dental Implant Clinic or similar standard facilities are worth saving your oral health for lifetime. Think of the frequent visits to your dentist and the amount of money you might shed if no such solution is taken beforehand. If dental implants are pretty much your solution, then it should be an immediate go, with no delays!

Summary | Dental Implants Use

The pain and discomfort caused by missing teeth, oral infection, wrong sized dentures all are literally outdated with the evolution of finest dental implants. High precision dental implants coupled with state of the art procedures now gives patients a lifetime guarantee on their oral health. It is highly recommended to figure out conditions, check for signs that might trigger the need for an implant and seek professional dental consultation.

KL Dental Implant Clinic is more than happy to serve you on all your dental concerns. Get in touch with our expert panel of dentists at dentalimplant.com.my for a detailed check up. Remember, dental implants are not just long lasting, but everlasting in comforting your lives.